Programs & Services

Student schedules include academics, supportive and related services, and vocational training. Each student's schedule is determined by an Individual Education Plan (IEP). We give students the support they need to succeed in the classroom through our expert clinical team, behavior management team, and assistive technology department. In high school, students receive job training in our transition program.



Emphasizing the functional application of skills and offers students both traditional and innovative coursework.


Work-Based Learning

Using hands-on work-based learning opportunities in real-world job settings.

Transition Services

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Linking our students with adult service agencies and community supports required to help these young adults transition from school to adult life.



Promoting the understanding of our students’ mental health needs and concerns and to maximize support across academic and vocational settings.  

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Behavioral Support

Embracing positive behavior support practices and interventions used to help prevent behaviors from escalating in order to improve student success in school.


Speech-Language Pathology

Promoting the speech and language development of students across all aspects of their academic and occupational curriculum.

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapists provide services as required by students' IEPs to promote functional independence in academics, vocational placements, and community settings.

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Physical Therapy

Integrating specialized technology into the lives of students at school and at home to maximize learning and communication.


Assistive Technology

Integrating specialized technology and supports into the lives of students at school and at home. 

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Promoting functional independence in academics, vocational placements, and community settings and assisting students with all aspects of functional mobility.