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Assistive Technology

Our AT specialists collaborates with our OT and speech departments and provide ongoing training for students, parents, and staff in order to integrate specialized technology into the lives of students at school and at home. Our AT specialists continue to gather and fine-tune technology resources as students grow and their needs change.

The AT specialists at St. Elizabeth School also work closely with our Local School System partners in the evaluation of students and the selection of assistive technology to meet students’ individualized needs.  An Assistive Technology device is any item or piece of equipment that is used to help a student benefit from his/her education. Devices can be “low tech” such as topic boards or “high tech” such as speech generating devices, tablets, or laptops for educational and communication purposes. Once the technology is chosen, the AT Specialist provides consultation services to optimize the benefits to students, such as customizing, modifying, programming, and designing or selecting specialized software templates that accompany the hardware.

Our AT Specialists provide trainings for St. Elizabeth School students, parents, and staff to ensure the assistive technology is being used to maximize benefit for the students’ learning and/or communication. In addition, follow-ups and modifications are made as students' skills and levels change. Technical assistance, maintenance, and repair of equipment are also essential services provided by our AT Specialist.

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