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The SES Disability-Accessible Building Project

Project Estimate: $1.6 Million


Share the gift of Independence, Safety, and Accessibility by giving to the
St. Elizabeth School multi–year disability-accessible building project.

This capital building project will include the renovation of the school’s vestibule, entrance doors, lobby, and construction/renovation of 21 single-stall restrooms—an estimated $1.6 million project. 


The new main entrance will contain wider, handicap-accessible doors that can be independently opened by those in wheelchairs.

Many of the restrooms will be outfitted with Rifton Toileting systems, which contain comfort, support and a forward-tilting option so that those with special needs can use the toilet easily and hygienically.


The new vestibule will add an extra layer of security to our school
(a new heated vestibule will allow guests to be properly vetted prior
to entering the building).

In emergency evacuations, the new disability-accessible main
entrance will allow those in wheel chairs to easily and independently
exit the building.



The newly-designed reception area will include an accessible front
desk to allow those in wheelchairs to visibly communicate with the
receptionist directly.

Twenty-four single stall restrooms will be constructed to eliminate
the wait for a restroom, especially in
emergency situations.

Project Timeline






Project Description

Renovation of restrooms adjacent to cafeteria, physical education storage area, Development Office storage area and corresponding HVAC work

Demolition of lobby vestibule; construction of new lobby vestibule; renovation of lobby interior

Renovation of restrooms on the main and second floors at the east end of the building; renovation of restroom in room 200

Renovation of restrooms on the main and second floors at the west end of the building

Anticipated Timeline

April - May 2019

June - September 2019

June - August 2020

June - August 2021

Did You Know?
  • Thirty-five of our current
    and incoming students have mobility issues with many of these students needing wheel chairs or walkers.


  • Emergency evacuations for a special needs school are
    much more complicated
    and challenging than ones for other schools.  SES students are some of the most vulnerable.


  • Should there be an actual fire or urgent need to evacuate; students in wheel chairs are at a much greater disadvantage of getting outside safely.

  • In order to maintain student safety and privacy, students are not allowed in the restroom with other students; this causes long lines when nature calls.

  • Using the restroom is a struggle for those in wheelchairs; students must rely on staff to lift them onto the toilet often resulting in accidents, which can be humiliating.

  • Our current reception desk obstructs the view of those in wheelchairs, often resulting in students being ignored because they are not visible to the receptionist—very dehumanizing.

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