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Programs & Services

The academic program at St. Elizabeth School offers students both traditional and innovative coursework. Academics at SES emphasize the functional application of skills. The curriculum is designed to help students progress and experience success. The curriculum and student goals are informed by requirements of the Local School Systems and MSDE (Maryland State Department of Education).

Our strong student to teacher ratio allows us to individualize academics for all our students. Teachers at SES are certified by MSDE and are qualified to teach students in grades K-12 in special education. Many have additional certifications from MSDE as well. We consistently challenge our students to achieve their goals while providing support throughout the learning process.


All of our students pursue a core curriculum of courses that include:

  • English / Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

  • Science

Principal Erin Upton

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Students are grouped in homerooms that best meet their academic and social needs. Some students travel to classes with their homeroom groups and others have individualized travel schedules. Students receive related services (either as pull out or integrated services) depending on individual need. Decisions about homeroom placements are made carefully, taking various factors into account, including age and social and curricular needs.

Students at St. Elizabeth School range in age from 6-21. To find the best fit for each of our students, academically and socially, the school is divided into three academic teams:

Elementary/Middle/High School (EMHS) Program - Generally ages 6-16 and

Grades 1-10.

EMHS is also known as the Wynn Team, named for its coordinator, Allyson Wynn

Allyson Wynn Coordinator

High School (HS) Program -

Ages 14-21 and Grades 9-12.

This program is also known as the Sunderhaus Team, named for its coordinator, Leslie Sunderhaus

Leslie Sunderhaus, Coordinator

High School (HS) Program -

Ages 14-21 and Grades 9-12.

This program is also known as the Gibson Team,

named for its coordinator, Natalie Gibson