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Physical Therapy

Programs & Services

Our physical therapist provides physical therapy services as guided by the IEP. The primary goal of Physical Therapy is to assist in maximizing students' ability to access their educational environment. The physical therapy program is designed to assist students with all aspects of functional mobility in the school setting. Physical Therapy services include:

  • Basics of mobility (walking or wheelchair propulsion)

  • Stretching and strengthening program to manage musculoskeletal needs

  • Balance and coordination training

  • Management of equipment, positioning, and bracing needs

  • Supporting OT with addressing toileting needs and access to support equipment


The physical therapist collaborates with staff and parents in planning and implementing treatment to improve the students’ gross motor skills across school settings. The PT provides direct intervention to students, consultation and training with other professionals, parents, teachers, and one-to-one assistants to promote functional access to the educational environment; and to provide good continuity of care for students here at St. Elizabeth School.

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