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Transition Services

Programs & Services

At St. Elizabeth School, our goal is to help our students be successful in all aspects of their lives, both during and beyond school. 


Our transition staff work with students, parents/guardians, and other school team members to ensure that students are linked with adult service agencies and receive the community supports required to help these young adults transition from school to adult life.

Transition Services at St. Elizabeth School are made possible in part by a generous bequest from Eileen and Williard Wright. The Wright Center for Transition Services at St. Elizabeth School continues to provide high school students with opportunities that promote success.

For more information, please contact our Transition Team  at 410-889-5054:

Kelsie Riegel Morgan, Transition Program Director, ext. 1137 

Colette Mallon, Transition Specialist, ext. 1136 (Sunderhaus Team)
Kara Brooks, Transition Specialist, ext. 1127 (Porter-Blair Team)

Eileen Atkinson, Transition Specialist, ext. 1135 (Wynn and Porter-Blair Teams)

Lauren Dennis, Transition Specialist, ext. 1145 (Wynn and Sunderhaus Teams)