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St. Elizabeth School has some wonderful news to share! In the next few years, the SES campus will be completely transformed under the auspices of Project CAMPUS, an exciting new initiative that will create an expanded, revitalized, and safer campus. The impetus of the project began with the need to create a safer bus route for loading and unloading students. Currently, a procession of buses lines the street each day, waiting to pick up students or unload them off the bus, while also competing with cars entering and exiting the school parking lot. The stars began to align when SES was able to purchase the land behind our building (previously owned by our founding Sisters, the Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore who later merged with the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi). In addition, the SES Foundation has been exploring ways to expand the capacity of the SES campus in accordance with the school’s strategic plan.

What does this mean for St. Elizabeth School?
Project CAMPUS will allow St. Elizabeth School to Create Access, More Parking, and a Unified Site.  In other words, a safer school for a safer community.

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Project CAMPUS

Benefits of Project CAMPUS

  • Creates a more predictable traffic flow and a safer place for buses to stage at arrival and dismissal time


  • Adds more classroom space needed for instructional learning and related services


  • Provides additional parking spaces


  • Provides more outdoor space for recreation, exercise, and therapeutic meditation


  • Includes opportunities for students to have on-campus work-based learning experiences while giving them an off-campus work-based-learning feel


  • Unifies the site into one cohesive and expanded campus


  • Pays tribute to SES's founding Sisters and upholds the Franciscan values that are at the core of our mission


  • Communicates our values to the community at large


  • Improves the look, feel, and value of the Pen Lucy Community


  • Supports the Maryland Green School initiative

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