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At St. Elizabeth School, we feel it is our educational duty to welcome practicum students and interns to further their educational experience by time spent at our school.  ​Staff serve as role models for interns and practicum students, modeling professional behavior, and welcoming them into our community to help them to grow as professionals and develop skills necessary to support them in their future endeavors. Certified and licensed SES professionals provide onsite supervision in collaboration with the colleges and universities. Practicum students and interns are held to the same high standards of conduct, professionalism, and confidentiality as the SES staff. 

Undergraduate Internships

St. Elizabeth School offers internships and practicums to undergraduate students in a variety of majors, including Special Education and Family Studies. SES frequently works with local colleges and universities to find enriching placements for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral interns. Interested in an internship at SES? 


Graduate Internships, Special Education

SES offers Special Education graduate students opportunities to work directly in our classrooms with students, under the guidance of SES teachers. SES has provided hundreds of Special Education graduate students with internship experience. Our internship program tailors experience in line with interns’ interests (for example, if an intern is particularly interested in a specific age group, or a subject area, the school will work with the intern to provide that type of placement if possible).

Social Work
SES offers clinical internships to Master's Degree candidates in Social Work. Interns provide individual and group counseling, behavior support, and work as part of an interdisciplinary team. Interns receive individual and group supervision. 

Internships for graduate students in the field of speech-language pathology are offered by our Speech department during all semesters. An internship at SES gives students the opportunity to advance their clinical skills beyond the classroom in a supportive, rich environment. Students completing their intern practicum in speech-language pathology gain experience with treatment, diagnostics, and team collaboration under direct supervision from a qualified speech-language pathologist. Student interns receive direct and indirect supervision and guidance in excess of national standards. Clinical Fellowship Year opportunities are also available.

To learn more about our internship program, contact Erin Upton at (410) 889-5054.

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