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How to Apply

For parents interested in St. Elizabeth School for their child, please contact:  

Ali Clark

Admissions Director
Phone: 410-889-5054 ext. 1102

St. Elizabeth School, Attn: Ms. Ali Clark
801 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218 


More Information about Applying/Enrollment:

There are generally two ways to enroll your child at St. Elizabeth School: through the LSS referral process or through private pay.

LSS Referral

Most students attending St. Elizabeth School are funded through their Local School Systems (LSS’s) if it is determined that the student’s educational needs cannot be met in the public school system. Parents who would like more information about this process should contact Ali Clark for more information.

  • If a parent believes that his/her child’s needs are not being met in their current school placement, the parent may request an IEP (Individual Education Plan) team meeting, which begins the process of establishing the need for nonpublic placement.

  • At the IEP meeting, the progress of the student is reviewed and the parent has an opportunity to discuss with the team concerns about the appropriateness of the public school placement.

    • The parent should be prepared with documentation of the student’s need for nonpublic placement. This documentation may include recommendations and reports from teachers, therapists, and doctors who are following the student.

    • It may also be helpful for the parent to secure the services of an educational advocate prior to the IEP team meeting.

  • If the IEP team makes a recommendation for nonpublic placement, the information is forwarded to the nonpublic special education office. That office has responsibility for forwarding the referral information to appropriate nonpublic school placements.

Private Pay


Families can elect to send their son or daughter to SES by paying tuition. Interested families should contact our admissions director, Ali Clark, for details.

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SES Does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin.
Our diverse student body and faculty represent many different backgrounds and faiths.

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