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Programs & Services

High School Program (Gibson)

Students on the Gibson High School Team plan to graduate with a High School Certificate of Completion. Students are taking academic classes, vocational classes and classes that prepare them for daily living within the community.


Gibson Team students:


  • Take academic core and vocational classes, life skills/community involvement classes and receive related services as prescribed on the IEP

  • Transition from class to class with supports as delineated on their IEPs

  • Work in a school-sponsored Work-Based Learning placement, either in the community or on-campus, with job coaches, two half days a week 

Gibson Team students seeking a certificate follow a course of study designed by their Local School System which is guided by their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Teachers and specialists collaborate to ensure that students are supported in their classes and in their development of independent life skills. Job coaches work with students on or off campus to support their development of job-related skills.

Students on the Gibson Team at St. Elizabeth School are full participants in the SES comprehensive high school program with opportunities for involvement in plays, talent shows, dances, Special Olympics, pep rallies, student council, ring ceremony, and prom.  Teachers and specialists work with Gibson Team students to strike an ideal balance in the development of responsibility, independence and skill acquisition. Students are supported to be active participants in their own learning process, and are supported in experiences that will help them transition into the adult community. 

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