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Programs & Services

High School Program (Sunderhaus)

Students on the Sunderhaus Team seek to graduate either with a High School Diploma or a Certification of Completion. Student interests and academic goals influence the courses that students take at this level. 

Sunderhaus Team students:


  • Have individualized schedules and groupings - some travel individually between classes

  • Work in a school-sponsored Work-Based Learning placement, either in the community or on-campus, with appropriate support one or more days a week 

  • Take core classes, vocational courses, and receive related services as prescribed on the IEP

Sunderhaus Team students seeking a diploma devote a significant amount of their academic time to preparing to pass the Maryland High School Assessments. Teachers and Specialists collaborate to ensure that students are supported in their classes to help them succeed on the exams. Students seeking a diploma follow a course of study designed by their Local School System, which provides a roadmap to track their progress. Student progress is also guided by the IEP.

Being placed on the Sunderhaus Team at St. Elizabeth School is a challenging but rewarding experience. Teachers and Specialists work with Sunderhaus Team students to strike an ideal balance between trust and responsibility, encouraging independence and skill building. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their own academic pursuits, and to seek experiences that will help them transition smoothly into the adult world, such as finding jobs in fields that interest them, and pursuing their own goals.

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