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High School Program (Wynn)

Programs & Services

Students on the Wynn team take core classes, which are adapted to meet students’ individual (IEP) goals and needs. Wynn Team students also participate in a variety of vocational classes, as well as on-campus Work-Based Learning experiences, designed to build skills that will make students ready for a full day of job training when they move into the high school program. Students on the Wynn team, if on the High School Diploma Track and in the 9th grade or higher, will begin earning credits if they meet the curriculum and content requirements.

Being part of Wynn Team is a valuable experience for students at St. Elizabeth School. Teachers and specialists working with the Wynn Team focus on helping students become members of the St. Elizabeth School community—they make sure that students feel safe and respected, building confidence which will help them to meet their academic and social goals.

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