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Programs & Services

Clinical and Behavioral Services

Students at St. Elizabeth School benefit from the supportive and integrated services provided by our clinical team. Social workers and professional behavior support staff collaborate closely with parents, teachers, and other interdisciplinary team members to promote understanding of students’ mental health needs and concerns and to maximize support across academic and vocational settings.  

Students receive individual and group therapies as designated by their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Therapy sessions address the mental health, social, and behavioral needs of each student.  Social workers provide counseling, social skills training, and monitoring of the students’ mental status.  They develop groups with themes that incorporate and build on student’s interests from  video making to ceramics to cooking.  With subjects that interest them, students participate fully and receive the most benefit from therapy. 

The clinicians are present in classrooms, cafeteria, field trips, and school events to ensure that mental health, behavioral, and academic goals are integrated and generalized. Social workers and behavior support specialists maintain  communication with parents to support the connection between home and school as these goals are addressed and ensure that input and feedback from families is current and ongoing. The clinical team also provides links to community resources, outside agencies, or service providers students may need.